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I have decided to participate in this 15 day challenge as much as I can.

So...Day 1 (1 day late):

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

I haven't created much. Writing seems to be like pulling teeth most of the time for me, and I think the works that would define me as a creator in the due South fandom are ones that aren't finished yet. I don't write enough in other fandoms either to be of note, but here is some of what I have:

1. Cabbage Patch (on LJ)Fandom: Firefly Pairing: River/Jayne Genre: kid!fic, humor Length: drabble
This features the OC daughter of River and Jayne having a conversation with Mal. I wrote it back in 2009. It's not perfect, but I still love the concept and little Lizzie Cobb.

2. Jayne Makes A Suggestion (on LJ)Fandom: Firefly Pairing: Pre-Rayne Genre: humor, Length: drabble
This was my first attempt at writing Firefly back in 2007 for the [profile] rayne_shippers Cliche-A-Thon. The featured cliche is "Jayne fights the attraction." I also got bonus points for including River's hair, which seems to be a cliche itself. It's funny that I should have two humor drabbles because I dislike about 95% of the comedies I've ever watched and generally stay away from pure humor fic because it tends to be too cracky for me. I'm much more of a drama or drama with a side of humor person.

3. 10 Song Drabble Meme (on LJ)Fandom: due South Pairing: Fraser/RayK Genre: several Length: drabble
This was a meme in which you play your iTunes on shuffle and write drabbles in the time it takes for a song to play. You cannot go back and edit. This is always a fun challenge, although it doesn't always turn out well--the perils of writing in such a limited time frame. This particular trial, which I believe was my first try at the meme and my second time writing in dS, turned out rather well, I think. Anyway, it's a good exercise to get creativity flowing.

4. Auf Wiedersehen, Joe (on LJ)Fandom: Hard Core Logo Format: vid Song: Auf Wiedersehen Artist: Antrhax Warnings: SPOILERS and violence
This is my second ever fanvid, and I am still quite pleased with it. There's only one thing I would change about it, which is a pretty good place to be for a second vid, I would say, which isn't to say that it's the greatest thing out there, just that I feel it holds its own well for such an early work. I know I want to fix a bunch of things in my first vid.

Wow, I thought Day 1 would be super challenging since I don't have much confidence in my work, but I actually went over the three minimum and have more that I considered putting on here! I guess this served its function in that it showed me that I do have a fondness for my works. Even if I feel there are better out there, I do have some pride in what I have done. So thanks to those in charge of this challenge! Also, it turns out I do have something that defines me: drabbles. That's almost all I've completed so far!
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