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Title: Ugly
Fandom: Hard Core Logo
Song: Ugly
Artist: The Exies
Vidder: Me
DL link available upon request.

Lyrics to Ugly can be found here at my journal.

I had heard this song tons of times--I even have it on a CD--but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that it hit me that this would be a great song for a HCL vid. I started out thinking that the song was from Joe's point of view, addressed to Billy, and the visuals would of course be from his perspective as well. I only had a few concrete ideas of where certain images would go, but it came together fairly quickly all the same.

The one thing I worried about the entire time was not knowing how I wanted to end it. Surprisingly, I found an ending that I loved pretty much right away when I got to that point in the vid. The interesting thing was that it completely changed my perspective on the vid. I realized that the ending switched to Billy's POV.

With a few tweaks, the rest of the vid became much more satisfactory to me. So now, I see it as the song being Joe to Billy but the visuals being Billy's reflection on what Joe is saying. In the end, he sees that he is "ugly" too. At least, that's how I see it. Feel free to interpret it any way you like!
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